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Who are We?

Meet the Skipper

After a long career in the Royal New Zealand Navy, Skipper Griff is the only full time employee of Glass Bottom Boat Tours.  He’s a one-man band doing all the pre-tour admin/ bookings/ enquiries/ maintenance/ advertising/ etc. and also skippers and commentates during the tours (he does have other staff working with him during the busy periods though)!  Griff has a well-rounded sense of humour and thinks he’s the king of dad jokes (he’s not)…

When Griff isn’t working for Glass Bottom Boat he is also working hard in other areas including being the current Treasurer of the Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club.  He enjoys motorcycling as much as he enjoys any on-water activities including kayaking and sailing. He’s also a semi-professional musician playing drums in a band, as well as strumming a guitar whilst singing songs around a camp fire.  He owns a small trailer yacht – combine that with a bus that is a tiny home for living simply, surrounded by family, friends, good food and wine and he’s a happy man.  He has grown-up children, is a granddad, and has a wonderful partner in Vicky who sometimes helps out ‘involuntarily’ on the beach!